2016-2018 Committee Chairs

Annual Giving

Charlie Betha - Chairperson
Anthony Kent- Vice Chair

This committee, the President and the Director of Alumni Relations shall plan, promote and execute the campaign to raise funds through individual and chapter giving.

Athletic Liaison

Mae Goddette - Chairperson
Winfred Mack - Vice Chair

Maintains communication with Athletic Department and Alumni. Provides support of Athletic programs at the University.

RAMS Athletics
Hall of Fame Nomination Form
NCAA Compliance Brochure



Catherine Pettie Hart - Chairperson
Robert Rawls - Vice Chair

This committee shall interpret the bylaws, receive, prepare and recommend proposed amendments of the bylaws to the Board of Directors and Association members at the annual meeting. This committee shall be responsible for reviewing and approving regional bylaws for the purpose of determining uniformity prior to use.


Corporate Relations

Gordon Everett - Chairperson

Develops partnerships with various companies to support the goals and objectives of the Association.


Karen S. Hicks - Chairperson
Verndine Pettiford - Vice Chair

This committee shall be responsible for the management and disbursement of Association funds, and for the investment of monies within the guidelines established by the Executive Council.

Hall of Distinction

Paulette Marshall - Chairperson
Former National Presidents

The ALUMNI HALL OF DISTINCTION will highlight the contributions of alumni to the university, their professional careers and their communities.
To recognize and honor alumni whose achievements since graduation have contributed to the National Alumni Association and have brought positive recognition to the university.

Legal Counselor

Cory Williams - Chairperson
Anthony Ray Jones - Vice Chair

Review all legal matters and provide advice.


Ladia Rutledge - Co-Chairperson
Kimberly Sherrill - Co-Chairperson

This committee shall formulate plans to recruit and retain members of the Association; and, provide programs and activities, which stimulate the Winston-Salem State University student body to become active participants in the Association.

Nominating Committee

TBD - Chairperson

This committee shall implement policies and procedures for nominations and elections of officers for the Association.

Political Awareness

Robert Stephens -
National Level - Chairperson
Randal Calloway -
State Level - Chairperson

This committee shall inform the Association of legislative developments affecting Winston-Salem State University and present a plan of action to the Executive Council.

Public Relations

Valonda Calloway - Chairperson
Murdock Williams - Vice Chair

This committee shall be responsible for keeping the media informed of pertinent Association activities and developing programs/activities which includes community support.
Provide and maintain technology support for the Association.


Donald Faison - Chairperson
Barbara Puryear - Vice Chair

This committee shall be responsible for identifying scholars, developing the protocol and administering scholarships to scholars each semester.

Special Events

Tonya Talley-Smith - Chairperson
Reginald McCaskill - Vice Chair

This committee, in conjunction with the Director of Alumni Relations, shall plan and initiate activities for the Association to include, but not limited to, Homecoming, Alumni Day, Class Reunions, Miss & Mr. Alumni Contest and Unity Day.


Daphne Sharpe - Chairperson

This committee shall assess student needs for the Association, plan strategies, and initiate programs to encourage active participation of future Association alumni. Committee activities shall include all levels of student enrollment, not solely limited to the Senior Class of Winston-Salem State University.

University Liaison

Myra Waddell - Chairperson
Terry Griffin - Vice Chair

This committee shall inform the Association of developments at Winston-Salem State University, develop collaborative relations and inform the Association regarding specific needs of the various university departments.


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