The National Alumni Association assumed complete management of Homecoming in 1945. The Association developed the annual homecoming weekend into an event recognized as “Tops in Homecoming Attractions.”  At the suggestion of Jack Atkins, the “Miss Alumni” contest was inaugurated in 1945.  The first “Miss Alumni,” Jennie Green Fletcher of Henderson, was crowned at the Friday night Homecoming Gala.  Other activities at the 1945 Homecoming included the “Guest Club” contest, with the Kimberley Park Club as the first “Guest Club”; a gala parade, the game, barbecue and Saturday night dance.  (Source: The History of Winston-Salem State University 1892-1995 by E. Louise Murphy)

At the Fall Board Meeting in September 2005, the Board members voted to include males as candidates to broaden the base of candidates.  Several members indicated that they had male alumni interested in vying for the title of Mr. Alumni.  The name for the activity will be Miss and Mr. Alumni Contest.


The Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) National Alumni Association’s Miss and Mr. Alumni Contest is the major fund-raising event for the Association. In 2006, the contest was changed to

(1) eliminate membership dues as votes and

(2) to permit men to vie for the title of Mr. Alumni.

The contest became strictly a fundraiser; that is, the winner is determined by the female or male that raises the highest amount of money through contributions and ads.




Jennie Green Fletcher 1945
Iola Davis Dodson 1946
Clarice Scales Parish 1947
Piccola L Morrow 1948



Wilveria Delaine Penn 1950
Hattie Scales Brown 1951
Geraldine Scales Smith 1952
Maxine White Law 1953
Louisa Lyerly Foy 1954
Etta Timlic Hill 1955
Douschka Osbourne Penn 1956
Hattie Daniels Chaplin 1957
Elinor Atkins Smith 1958



Barbara C Ellis 1960
Carnella Murphy Andrews 1961
Catherine O’Neil Lataker 1962
Mary Steele Woods 1963
Bessie Kimbrough Hollister 1964
Dorothy H Worthy 1965
Rose Marie Matthews 1966
Vivian Crutchfield Giles 1967
Mary Miles Love 1968
Wilma Howard 1969



Doris Jackson 1970
Louise Smith 1971
Wilhelmina Long 1972
Maxine Payne Charles 1973
Verndene Pettiford 1974
Josephine L Davis 1975
Margaret Edmonds 1976
Carleina H Harris 1977
Nora Scales 1978
Lucille Daniels 1979



Earline S Dennis 1980
Sandra J Armstrong 1981
Eleanor G Bryant 1982
Dr Amy A Jones 1983
Dr Lerla Joseph 1984
Hattie Black 1985
Myrtle Black 1986
Mildred Griffin 1987
Mary Buford 1988
Beulah Bunch 1989



Mozelle Williams 1990
Vera Ford Faulk 1991
Alice Dalton McNeil 1992
Rebecca English 1993
Carrie F Smith 1994
Annie Hicks-Hager 1995
Carolyn G Jones 1996
Vildred L Fitzgerald 1997
Cynthia Turner 1998
Mose’ Delaine Belton 1999



Doris Heath 2000
Beverly F Williams 2001
Beverly Barnes Evans 2002
Tonya Talley Smith 2004
Barbara Carter Smith 2005
Karen Patterson Pearson 2006
Cheryl Brooks-Akuma 2007
Jacquline P Cureton 2008
Barbara Williams 2009



Corine B Warren 2010
Janice Perry 2011
Karen S Hicks 2012
Abigail Allen Bingham 2013
Velma C. Hicks 2014
Burnetta Johnson Smith 2016



Clyde Caudle 2007 & 2008
Bo Gilliam 2009
Octavius Robinson 2010
Carlton Nettles 2011
Sean Bellamy 2014
Billy Richardson 2016


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