Dear RAMily,

The Association’s fiscal year spans July 1 to June 30. It is within the start of each fiscal year that we “ramp up” our financial commitment to alumni membership, in service and support of WSSU.  Your WSSUNAA continues to work, effectively, to ensure that we align our efforts with the strategic plan of the university, while also adhering to the goals and mission of the organization. In doing so, we solicit your continued patronage or new membership, as follows:

Existing Members (Regular or Associate)

  • It’s time to renew or become a life member! Your regular or associate membership is scheduled for renewal each fiscal year.  Renew or apply today!

Life Members

  • If you are participating in the life member payment option, please remember to make your scheduled installment before the fiscal year ends.  Typically, four payments are the standard to meet the required official life member status, if dues aren’t paid in full upon application.

  • Don’t forget to contribute to the National Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund.  Make your contribution today!

New Membership

  • Now is a great time to become a member of WSSUNAA.  Make the decision to serve, via your financial support. Submit your application today!

Please access the Membership link on the WSSUNAA website at: for specific information, i.e. membership application and online payment options, etc.  As always, it is important to take part in the rich heritage and foundational legacy of WSSU, by departing to serve. Service through financial support is an excellent way to solidify this commitment, as an alumnus of Winston-Salem State University. Get plugged in and don’t forget to use the hashtag, #servingbysupportingwssunaa, on your social media platforms.

Victor “Vic” Bruinton
WSSUNAA President
Class of ‘82