Initiated in 2007, the Alumni Hall of Distinction recognize and honor you for your professional accomplishments, outstanding character, community service and most importantly, your commitment to your Alma Mater. You are a symbol of respected and esteemed individuals who “Departed to Serve” and have “Linked Together in Unity and Serving Together with Purpose.”
We honor each of you.

Inaugural 2007 Inductees

^Imogene Brown Ellis*’38

^A.B. Reynolds*

^Susie Speight Hilliard*’31

^B. Nathaniel Cook*’34

^Edwin L. Patterson*’38

^Jack A. Atkins*

^Lafayette A. Cook*’37

^Joseph O. Lowery*’38

Clarence “Jeep” Jones ‘55

James R. Jarrell ‘63

^Margaret A. Edmonds*’46

Dr. James “Pokey” Wright ‘55

Paulette Gwyn Marshall ‘69

Joseph L. Bumbrey, Sr. ‘73

Quether Wilkins ‘72

Beaufort O. Bailey *‘57

Peyton Hairston*’54

Catherine Pettie Hart ‘74

Dr. Rachel Diggs Wilkinson*’33

Dr. C.B. Hauser* ‘40

Etta Hill*

Winslow Lowery’

Dr. Gwendolyn Johnson’75

Dr. Velma Jackson*

Cheryl Harrison ‘82

2008 Inductees

Theodore Blunt ‘65

Donald R. Faison ‘62

Mildred R. Griffin ‘67

^Yvette L. Hatcher* ‘70

Charles Haynes* ‘53

Verlia M. Haynes ‘54

^Naomi Laws* ‘66

Barbara C. Manning ‘60

Alice D. McNeil ‘55

Herman McNeil ‘60

Curtis Richardson ‘76

Earline M. Richardson ‘71

Shirley F. Sims* ‘56

Daniel A. Woodard ‘53

Larry W. Womble ‘63

2009 Inductees

Ms. Mary Catherine Reese Buford ‘61

Mr. Donald Ray Cureton, Sr.‘75

Mr. Walter Marshall ‘65

Mrs. Marie Allen Matthews’48

Verndene Paylor Pettiford ‘65

Herbert F. Stover ’60

Sandra Wilder ’67

2010 Inductees

Victor L. Bruinton ‘82

Mose Belton ’72

Albert Mitchell ’75

John Siger ’67

Tonya Talley-Smith ’70

Kelvin Walton ’87

2011 Inductees

Patti Sanders-Smith ’76

Mary S. Woods

2012 Inductees

Alex Johnson ‘

DeValdean Penn ’74

Barbara W. Puryear ’68

Carolyn Closs-Walford ’87

2013 Inductees

Barbara B. Williams ’78

Edna C. Sigers ’93

Sylvia A. Flack ’66

Claudia H. Skinner ’74

2014 Inductees

Jacqueline Pittman Curteon ‘73

Major (Ret.) Winfred Mack, Jr. ‘80

Aquadella Rivers ‘75

Dr. Reginald Sherard ‘78

2015 Inductee

Karen S. Hicks ‘84

2016 Inductees

Nina Christian ’64
Gordon Everett ’78
Velma C. Hicks ’65

2017 Inductees

Regina Cason
Janice Brodie Perry
Calsine Pitt
Dr. Rosa Williams

2018 Inductees

Cheryl Brooks Akuma
Valeria Clark Edwards
Dr. Thomas Monterio
Lillie M. Walters

2019 Inductees

Clyde A. Caudle ’93
Dr. Siobahn C. Day ’05
Cleveland Ellison ’60
Mary Roseboro Gill ’64
Veronica Carter Jackson ’90
Octavius Robinson ’92