WSSUNAA Scholarship Application / Process

The Winston-Salem State University National Alumni Association Scholarships are awarded to persons seeking their four-year undergraduate degrees at WSSU. The scholarships will be awarded to qualified individuals based on academic criteria/financial need over a four-year period ($1,000.00 per year or $500.00 per semester) up to $4000.00.

WSSU National Alumni Association Scholarship information is available on line ( and at the WSSU National Alumni Association office.

Freshmen entering WSSU who wish to be considered for a WSSU National Alumni Association Scholarship must meet the WSSU requirements as a full-time student.

Highest priority will be given to incoming freshmen students, but applications will be accepted from any student, regardless of classification or academic interest. Former students, who left WSSU without completing the first-time four-year degree program, may also be considered for the NAA Scholarship; however, they must meet WSSU’s requirements for admission or readmission and must apply for the WSSU National Alumni Scholarship.

Individuals seeking additional undergraduate degrees, special students, unclassified, visiting or high school students, except those who plan to attend WSSU, will not be considered for the WSSU National Alumni Association Scholarship.

Individuals interested in applying for the WSSU National Alumni Scholarship should obtain an application from the WSSU National Alumni office, National Alumni website (, or from a local chapter. The application must be completed, returned and/or postmarked by March 15 to the address on the application.

The WSSU National Alumni Association Scholarship Committee will review and evaluate the completed application. The Committee will recommend to the Board the names of those students found worthy of receiving the scholarships and will provide written notification to the recipients by June 1 of the year prior to Fall Semester enrollment.

Information will be obtained from the Registrar’s Office as to whether the individual has met the University’s admission requirements and is enrolled as a full-time student. The criteria/requirements are based on grade point average, standardized tests (SAT, ACT, CLEP), class rank and community service. Upon notification, the WSSU National Alumni Association will authorize a check to be made payable to WSSU for each scholarship recipient. NO MONIES WILL BE GIVEN DIRECTLY TO STUDENTS.

Scholarship recipients must maintain the required grade point average of 2.7 mandated by the WSSU National Alumni Association, in order to remain eligible for the WSSU National Alumni Scholarship. The National Association will accept summer school grades if a student has to attend to meet the required grade point average. The WSSU National Alumni Scholarship chairperson will verify enrollment status for continued eligibility.

If a student receiving a WSSU National Alumni Association Scholarship withdraws from the University voluntarily or involuntarily, he/she will need to reimburse the WSSU National Alumni Association on a prorated basis.

An annual report concerning the student’s progress will be given to the WSSU Alumni Association Board of Directors during the Association’s Board meetings. Students who are awarded the WSSU National Alumni Association Scholarships for the coming year are requested to meet the Association’s Board at its first meeting of the academic year, which is held in the fall of each year. Date, place and time of this meeting will be forwarded to each recipient.